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             DAKOTA PRATT

With bottle caps, a sledgehammer, and a poignant sense of style, Dakota Redington Prattis is an award-winning contemporary artist. The recent recipient of the Best in Show award at Kimball art festival, park city Utah , focuses on high art and functional sculptures.  He is influenced by the works of Henry Spencer Moore, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Claes Oldenburg.  After graduating with a BA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Pratt began exhibiting his work in art galleries and shows across the country. His work is now collected, exhibited, and coveted across the country.
Pratt comes from a family of artists. His parents are known as two of America's leading makers of traditional and contemporary twig furnishings, and are the owners of Around the Bend Willow Furniture. Through his upbringing, Pratt developed a keen sense of design and a unique style of construction. He grew up on the road while his parents traveled from art show to art show, and the lifestyle completely influenced the way he began to think, work, and create. He delved into the American scene, and developed his own style of language by fusing consumer-driven Pop ideas with American Craft Art. 
It's easy to appreciate his intelligence and immense artistic capability- he allows everyday objects become enticing sculptures, much like a Campbell's Soup can on a shelf. When creating a new piece, Pratt begins with simple wooden or metal bases. He uses vintage bottle caps (flattened with a sledgehammer) and fastens them to the forms to bring ordinary and whimsical designs to life. Seamlessly finished with epoxy resin, each piece is engaging, full of color, and altogether unique 

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