Why Get a Commission done??


Unique Style: Isabelle Dupuy is known for her distinct contemporary style in the realm of 3D art. Her work often carries a blend of modern aesthetics with a touch of abstraction. If you're looking for something that stands out and captures attention, her style might be perfect for you.

Personalization: Commissioning artwork from Isabelle Dupuy means you'll get a piece tailored specifically to your preferences. Whether you want to commemorate a special event, depict a cherished memory, or simply have something that reflects your tastes and personality, working with Isabelle ensures your vision is brought to life.

Quality Craftsmanship: Isabelle Dupuy is renowned for her skill and craftsmanship in the field of 3D art. Her attention to detail, use of color, and composition can result in stunning and captivating pieces that hold up to close scrutiny and stand the test of time.

Investment: Acquiring a personalized commission from an established artist like Isabelle Dupuy can be seen as an investment. Not only do you acquire a unique piece of art, but you also gain something that may appreciate in value over time, especially as the artist's reputation and demand for their work grows.

Conversation Starter: A personalized commission from Isabelle Dupuy can serve as a conversation starter in your home or office. Guests and visitors are likely to be intrigued by the unique artwork, prompting discussions about its creation, the artist, and the story behind the piece.

How to Commission ISABELLE DUPUY

 Explanation and Examples

Step 1.

Sending a proposal.

- we detail exactly what you love. (very straight forward)

- we put into writing the elements you desire and detail in point form.

- Potential for conversation with the Artist.


Step 2.


- We send all instruction to the artist


Step 3 

Artwork Creation and delivery

- It is possible for ISABELLE to do a pre- Sketch and/or send progressive photographs for you to enjoy

- Artwork set to dry 

- Art packed and crated, insured and shipped so it is pristine and perfect at your door.


This whole process,with your co-operation, can take 5-6 weeks. Of course we love to under promise and over delivery…

Example 1 "Slice of Heaven"



and Clients personal photos of their property




What we know thus far…..General

- Clients selected his fav Artwork from selection below

- Clients understands that this is not a print but a new and original Piece of “one of a Kind” Artwork

- By far, we are most excited by the natural flair and exquisite talent of ISABELLE DUPUY. Please use that as much as possible… 


Color and depiction

- Loves Isabelles bright and vibrant colors 

- Picture of Mountain with some snow on top

- Small hint of our house in foreground

- Bright blue sky - no clouds - see Isabelle painting

- Bright yellow / gold aspen trees 

- If possible ..not required... hint of golf course 

Bright Purple flowers growing next to property inspired from

Sizing and frame

- we are doing a 39x55 or smaller


Artwork to be inspired by this painting

Loves Isabelles bright and vibrant colors (See example below)






"Slice of Heaven" 39x55

Example 2 





and add a Mountain...







Example 3 





and our farm from this previous Artwork








This Summer, Isabelle will be visiting the Gallery in late July, 


Her  Golden Aspen Collection  was recently released to great success.


Last Summer she delivered the most astounding collection of works ever  Check out the results



Known too for…

-One Aspen, Depicted in all 4 Seasons


- Recently extended her "Maroon Bells Series"

after her  highly extensive travels around Colorado


- Her classic  depictions of Majesty of trees


-  Smaller scale offerings


- Isabelle's  continuing Waterfall series


- works  celebrating the beauty of nature surrounding Aspen, Inspired by her many visits to Aspen