RAYINA is Part of Alea's innovation Optical Collection and was displayed at her Recent Solo Show @ the Aspen Art Gallery - Parallel Dimensions


From the Latest Technology on the planet to 100's hours of hand crafted work.


Below is a fabulous TV interview and Feature Article on ALEA and her work.

"Rayina is a character inspired by Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series, a sweeping tale of humanity spread across countless planets under the dominion of the Galactic Empire. In this alternate narrative, Rayina emerges as a central figure, embodying the formidable power and influence of "The Empire" in a singularly unique form: as a woman.
Ascending to the position of First Emperor of the Galactic Empire in the year 0 of the Galactic Era, around 11,584 AD, Rayina's reign marks a pivotal moment in the annals of history. From her seat of power in Trantor, the bustling capital of the Galactic Empire, she governs with unwavering authority, guiding the destiny of countless worlds with a vision that spans the stars.
As the embodiment of imperial might and sovereignty, Rayina stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of leadership and the limitless potential of human ambition in the boundless expanse of the galaxy."


"Optical art, also known as Op Art, is a style of art that uses geometric shapes, lines, and color to create optical illusions that can create a sense of movement or depth. Figurative painting, my strong-hold, on the other hand, refers to - well - figures :-)


A few months ago, I started playing around and incorporate Op Art elements such as bold lines and geometric patterns into my figurative works. By doing so, my portraiture gained a dynamic visual effect that draws the viewer's eye and adds depth and a sense of ambiguity and playfulness."



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- Since her Aspen Art Gallery Launch in 2021


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