An Aspen Grove is exquisitely magical. Putting your finger on exactly what that feels like is indescribable.

that's why the world needs Sherri Mignonne…

There is nothing that comes close to experiencing these works in-person

Sherri has also recently extended her “Starry Night” sell out series , mixing her classic geometric expression of an Aspen Grove with Van Gogh’s classic..Starry Night….the gallery will be Launching her new edition v very soon plus a brand new Seasonal Expression of Winter Spring Summer Fall. 


The Aspen Art Gallery is Proud to Present.... “GOLDEN GATE CANYON” 3 panels of 60x36

Sherri’s uniquely innovative process embracing the use of copper, gold and silver leaf with Oils is appreciated all over the world, including as continuation of her Series “Looking Up” that offers such a laid back sense of strength and growth. PLUS her Larger scale works (36x60 times 3) which are on such a dramatic scale, its like walking in a fantastical, magical forest.

Our signature Aspen Artist, Sherri Mignonne, who is globally recognized for defining the very essence of Aspen, even all the elements of Colorado in one artwork. Its clear her imagination has no limits. Her ‘One of a kind’ creations take 100s of hours to create and much more time to dry. Some of them are snapped up very quickly…

Enjoy your Closer look 

"GOLDEN GATE CANYON" …3 Panels 60x36

The Distant Mountains in BLUE

The Fall Leaves in Orange and Gold

A Rainbow Celebration on Colorado like no-other

"Golden Gate Canyon" …3 Panels 60x36