Imagine a world in which you can see the colors of the wind… the warmth and direction of the air moving all around you.. What would it look like? How would it be different season by season?

SUSAN MAKARA has done just that with her latest work “Autumn wind”.

SUSAN is globally renowned as the “Rock Lady” and can defy gravity but her talents are definitely not exclusive to her cairns. She has done countless abstracts and absolutely stunning mountains.

see how her chosen materials (Metallic foils, ink and oil paints) Here -varys completely in differing light. and Below (Video)

Susan’s work is in the US Embassy of Nepal...

She has been dubbed the “Rock Lady” due to her incredible portrayals of the cairns that she stumbled across in Sedona, AZ.

And her magic recipe is exactly that - magic.

Metallic Silvers


Purple and Aqua


Celebration of Color and Texture

See the texture and reflective quality…..

See how is completely changes in Varying light