What does MARCO GRASSI look like in your home?


Marco Grassi had the most incredible year at the Aspen Art Gallery, featured prominently in our brand new gallery. His continuing progression continues to astound collectors and admirers alike. He embraces the power ambiguity, allowing one image to capture every moment. Marco is currently completing a 2021 summer collection Destine for Aspen..Stay Tuned

Admirers are always asking what Marco might look like in there home, today we take a look back at this fine example…… we can always Digitally hang Marco in your space . Just contact the gallery.

Announced and featured in this edition of the Houston Chronicle our very dear collectors...'Former TV reporter has an eye for decorating her contemporary home'.

Brandon and Keli Rabon Davis were one of eight that were hand selected to for the 2017 annual Modern Architecture & Design Society tour in Houston.

They got this well deserved exposure for achieving an outstanding design in their house in Houston, Texas.

The Davis' MARCO GRASSI creation that caught the eye of the Newspaper.

Part of their Artwork that got the attention of the Houston Chronicle is their gorgeous MARCO GRASSI painting. This Artwork is from the 'Di-Gold Experience' series.

"Two things drove the palette: Rabon Davis's favorite color, yellow, and a Marco Grassi "Gold Collection" painting that was her Mother's Day present. It's bold and colorful, dominated by a metallic gold background." Says the Houston Chronicle Article.

Congratulations to Brandon and Keli Rabon Davis for this achievement that adds to the continuing success and the pride of the Aspen Art Gallery Family!

Full article here.

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