The recipe for this success is a well kept secret. Susan gave only the ingredients: oil, metallic foil and ink. She must have forgot to mention the main one: genius.


"Cairns allow us to ponder the balance of life. Painting is my medicine. It calms me. It is healing" - Susan Makara

If you’ve ever come across a tower of rocks magically balancing in the middle of nature…you are not alone.

SUSAN MAKARA encountered one of these mysterious towers in Sedona, AZ and was immediately inspired to share her experience through art…

SUSAN MAKARA is world renowned for expressing the Poetics of these “cairns” Rock formations…using her innovated magic recipe, that will forever balance any Art space….Explore the origins of the Rock Series Here. Susan also celebrates Colorado more directly with “Mountains Mist” and “Star Dust” and does stunning celebrations of our Landscape in Abstract. Check out “Autumn Wind”


Susan Makara has a very unique way to use metal leaf, for very unique results. She has just been featured by the her Art Supplier because of her world recognized use of Sepp (gold) leaf.


You can read the full article here

So where do they come from?

These magical rock formations are the products of an internationally known art-form called rock balancing...which is exactly what it sounds like - balancing rocks without any adhesives or equipment…

The rock formations are very fragile and can easily be knocked over by outside forces...which makes the art-form especially rare to see in person.

Luckily SUSAN MAKARA effectively captures the mystery and magic of this incredible hobby for you to appreciate whenever you please...without any worry of accidentally knocking it over…

Her magic recipe enables one of the key elements of the hobby to be captured in its finest form...the detail within the color and texture of the rocks chosen.

May I Join You 24x36

May I Join You 24x36