ISABELLA GARAFFA’s larger scale collection celebrates the Maroon Bells Today….

“Follow the narrow path that leads to life” 72x60

The latest Spring offerings are exquisite and capture the mood of Mother Nature herself….her winter expressions, (“when the wind blows” , “Enchanted Forest”) have been attracting unprecedented attention.

Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her recent, unprecedented expressions of Aspen’s Winter are simply breath-taking.



Creates the sensation of temperature, season, light and shadow like no one

writes beautifully about her process and completed works..takes us behind the Piece

After painting non-stop all last summer she recently completed her brand new studio space

Shares her intricate details of her process, displaying unsurmountable patience

Enjoy your closer look @ “FOLLOW THE NARROW PATH THAT LEADS TO LIFE” 72x60 by Isabella Garaffa

”Im not going to lie or pretend it wasn’t hard. This painting made cry and laugh many many times. It made me scream too. There was so much intensity in the beauty of this scene that not even the photograph I used for this painting had captured it. Through the process of creating this piece I felt like I was digging deep into my memories in order to extract the details that made of this moment so fantastic.”


“I knew painting this was going to be a challenge from the start. The photo I had as reference was very poor in quality of color balance and light. So I really had to trust my perception on this one. But I knew I had to paint it. When I took this photo back in 2014 I knew it had to be on a canvas one day, and that day was now. More than just painting another picture of maroon bells, I needed to get this out of me and share it with the world. “


“The peace I felt in that one particular afternoon and the awareness of Gods presence in that place was something I knew somebody was going to need to experience first hand in the future. That’s the wonderful thing about art, is that it transcends the limits of time and it lingers beauty into the realm of eternity. It sounds crazy, but the best way I can describe this process is that I traveled back in time to give you today what I was given 7 years ago 🤯 I always say “I wish you could have being there!” when I experienced something really amazing. And the closest thing I can do to accomplish that, is to paint it. I really hope you can feel it too! “


“Follow the narrow path that leads to life” 72x60