Celebrating Our Star Spangled Banner - MICHEL MIRABAL 'Zoom' 36x48


Michel Mirabal works with such Clarity of pure purpose. He has a, self confessed, obsession with the USA. Sometimes, an outsider looking in, can give fresh perspective. Just like with the Artwork collected by ex president Obama “My New Friend” and the Artwork created the two days Obama Meet with the new leadership in Havana “Yesterday and Today”…See MIRABAL’s interview with Damian Guillot during his visit to Aspen..

His use of Materials are world renowned and unlike anything you have ever seen

The origins of his Rise is truly remarkable and makes him one of the most important artists we have ever encountered. So proud to see one of his Artwork’s Nominated and used on the cover of a Grammy Nominated Album

MICHEL MIRABAL's Zoom 36x48 possesses a lovely simplicity

Enjoy your presentation of Zoom, created right here at the Highlands, part of Mirabals first ever collection made on US soil.

"ZOOM" 36x48

"ZOOM" 36x48