Silver, Cooper and Gold…. all SHERRI MIGNONNE’s secret ingredients in one.


Sherri Mignonne mixes a jewelry store with the essence of Aspen. Defining its very nature like no other.
She is our signature Artist and continues to bring everything we love about our local nature to one canvas.

Sherri has recently extended her “Starry Night” sell out series , mixing her classic geometric expression of an Aspen Grove with Van Gogh’s classic..Starry Night

2020 has seen a stunning new pathway of works that have been snapped up by collectors and admirers alike.. stay tuned for a brand new collection of works in the coming weeks including larger scale works.

We haven’t seen a homage to her magic ingredients Silver, Cooper and Gold since 2017. This smaller scale work, is highly assessable., one of a kind, opportunity to own a classic homage to the pure magic of Sherri Mignonne.


“ASPEN RIDGE” 12x12 times three..

“ASPEN RIDGE” 12x12 times three..