"When I traveled up into the higher elevations of Colorado where there was nothing else as far as the eye could see than these magnificent, straight, towering giants I was their captive."





Our signature Aspen Artist, Sherri Mignonne, who is globally recognized for defining the very essence of Aspen, even all the elements of Colorado in one artwork. Its clear her imagination has no limits. Her ‘One of a kind’ creations take 100s of hours to create and much more time to dry. Some of them are snapped up very quickly so stay tuned.

Sherri has recently extended her “Starry Night” sell out series with her latest offering, mixing her classic geometric expression of an Aspen Grove with Van Gogh’s classic..Starry Night

Sherri is putting her finishing touches to additional Winter Artworks right now and beginning to plan out her Summer 2023 Collection. please enjoy your Closer look at this stunning expression of the Aspens continually changing seasons


“Seasons of Mount Princeton” Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall …4 Panels 40x16