MICHEL MIRABAL 'Yesterday and Today'


Wine improves with time and so can Art. It's only in retrospect, that the importance of this Artwork continues to become evident...what inspired Yesterday and Today?

"this work is one of the most special since it was cast in the context of the new relationships and how they changed for the worse. The event makes it more significant since it marks a historical moment….so It is one of the most important works of my collection. a hug.”  MICHEL MIRABAL in reference to Yesterday and Today

Yesterday and Today.jpeg

We agree Michel, one of the most important Artworks we will ever have in the Gallery......

What makes this particular work so special?


The moment in history that inspired it's creation….(see Below) the two unimaginable days when Obama met with the new Castro leadership in Cuba 'Yesterday and Today' (see below) and Obama inspired the work below ‘My New Friend'.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.16.06 PM.png

The hopefulness and sense of possibility it celebrates....Michel explained to me just how unprecedented it was to have the Stars and Stripes flying and even pictures of the President of the USA flying in Havana at this time. Hence the openings in the flag, the splashes and the breaking of the barriers in this particular piece unlike any of the others...


its authenticity…the first MIRABAL we ever had...created in the truest, original local materials, methodology and location. Solely crafted by MIRABAL himself in his birth place, his home.

Yesterday and Today