Your Art Therapy...with SUSAN MAKARA


Where ever you are, here in Colorado or around the world…whether you are in crisis or triumph…alone or overcome by 24/7 taking care of loved ones….what connects us all is when we experience something that is undeniably truly breathtaking….Our new Art Therapy series Aims to bring much more than just a photo to you, share art with you as best we can at this time.

Susan Makara’s world renowned Rock Series is absolutely magic. They express the meeting of man and nature in an exquisite fashion. Discover the very origins of the series here. Susan only explores formations that seem to defy gravity and will be forever balanced. Variation in light, angle and position completely changes the experience of the work


Such a stunning homage to nature….ENJOY

“Making a Point” 24 x36

"Making a Point" 24x36

See how position and angle of observation completely changes the work

Transition from direct to ambient light completely changes the experience of the Artwork.

From Near to far and Back again….Enjoy