Sherri Mignonne is globally collected and celebrated for defining the very essence of Aspen. She brings every element Colorado’s nature has to offer and puts it into to one stunning creation. Sometimes using brighter colors and even our four ever changing Seasons... From Major Masterworks that are like walking into a magical Aspen Grove to something more specific like a depiction of the Maroon Bells. All her Artworks are named after real places in Colorado. 

The Aspen Art Gallery has had hundreds of Artists share their phenomenal work, often depicting Aspens. Sherri Mignonne is our Signature Artist. Here is why...

Below are 3 Reasons WHY?

Enjoy Sherri's her very latest Creation "Mount Anteroom View" to answer the question Why?


Not only painting nature since she was a little girl, Sherri has taken photos all over the planet, exploring everything photography has to offer..... including celebrities, performance horse photography, and fine art photography. 

"Mount Antero View" 48x30

When she re-commited to painting she focused on her most favored nature in the the world. Aspen, Colorado. What is portrayed on canvas is an immaculate balance between reality and fantasy. It is an expression of her greatest appreciations of what it actually feels like to experience the nature in Aspen. The connectivity, the seasonality and the harmony... In fact, every single artwork is named after real places in Colorado. She doesn't replicate places on canvas, she simply delivers the essence.

"Seasons of Ouray" 4 panels 40x16


Light is everything in nature, the darkest of shadows flickering beyond a campfire, the heat of the midday glaze or the lowest angle of sunshine just before it dips below the horizon. The mixture of materials Sherri Mignonne has innovated is her delivery of these moments. (read more

Like experiencing nature itself...there is nothing like standing in the majesty of her work.


Sherri's depictions strike a palatable balance between the fantastical and geometry while still offering the elevated feelings of nature... its with a little less complication, paired with a slash of the fantastical. 

The ultimate contemporary artistic statement.