ISABELLA GARAFFA - Largest painting in her Career


ISABELLA GARAFFA spent summer 2019 painting a massive collection and much much more,

  • ELEVATED REALISM - exploring step by step her innovated style…including comparing work to her original photo

  • ARTISTIC STATEMENT - sharing her complementary poetry that offers a unique, contemporary form of Artistic Statement.

  • SECRET INGREDIENTS - that express changes in time and light like no other on canvas

    All of Isabella Garaffa’s offerings come together in this mammoth creation …..

    RENOVACION (Renewal) 60x72

    here are your 10 stages to here Masterwork…..enjoy

Back in my happy place!!!....i found this photograph i took back in December 2016, which was so incredibly beautiful! Now lets see how it will comes out in a 60 x 72 Canvas. Let’s Paint
— Isabella Garaffa
Base colors .....then everything changes!! Because the white color of snow is never just white and the blue color of the sky is never just blue
— Isabella Garaffa
Step by step, you will get to the mountain top! As for me, brushstroke by brushstroke i will complete this mountain scene
— Isabella Garaffa
There are so many layers of different colors I’m getting dizzy .. getting there!
— Isabella Garaffa
I love the pastel colors of winter, even more so when I get to paint them
— Isabella Garaffa
Aspens have their own light, no matter what time of day it is. And to capture that in a canvas, you first have to see it. But you can only see it when you are looking for it.
— Isabella Garaffa
This painting is taking me longer than I thought bc the time of day when I captured this image was late in the afternoon. And the balance between the colors in the back and the Aspens at the front has being challenging to accomplish. I can’t to wait to see it when is all done!
— isabella Garaffa
I implemented a technique where the colors and light on the Aspen trees change as you move alongside the canvas, is really cool
— Isabella Garaffa
At the time of completion “ we have being buried under snow for the last couple of days and it looks like it will continue this way onto next week.
— Isabella Garaffa

Renovación. I took this photograph back in 2017. That year the snowfall was very scarce and it made it for a not so positive forecast for the rest of the year. It was mid December and all the locals were praying for snow to come, including myself. We were skiing in Snowmass mountain as a family and it was our last run of the day. We tried to make the best out of the day even though there was little hope of snow to come in the weather report. As we were skiing down on Scooper run, I told my family to go ahead of me. That moment was too beautiful to let it pass! It was somewhere around 3 in the afternoon, and the sun was casting a beautiful light on the mountains in the back. Everywhere you looked you could find the vestiges of a very dry winter, but somehow nature was bragging in all its beauty as only she can do. I took many photographs in many different angles, trying to catch the light in the back and the soft light on the aspen trees at front. It was a challenge to do this as I was using my iPhone camera. But I prayed. And I asked that this moment will stayed in my memory until the right time came to paint it and that when it did, it will come out as fresh as it was on that day. Renovación is a word in Spanish that means to renew. Or Renewal. It reminds me of the scriptures that say “even though there is pain in the night, joy comes in the morning!”. I believe the fact that the driest winter we’ve had in years followed by the greatest winter we’ve had in years, is more than a paradox. Its a lesson for us all. A message from heaven if you wish. That no matter how hopeless things can be at the moment, or how dry the desserts we found ourselves in, everything can be renewed. Everything that is too bad can turn into ALL that is good.


Renovacion 60x72

Renovacion 60x72