Marco Grassi is a relentless perfectionist. Dedicated to figurative painting, he has no desire to follow trends: he is too busy building his own legend... Here is his story.

Early 2000's - 'Self-service'

In 'Self-service', the first book released on Marco's Artwork, Italian writer Maurizio Sciaccaluga describes his painting as the "hard line of figuration". Marco's career takes off in the most provocative way. His paintings will leave very few people indifferent...

"The brush stroke is breathless and exaggerated, spilling over the edge" describes Maurizio. "The force of the work strikes the onlooker, intoxicating him with the atmosphere and smells of a prohibited and violently exciting situation".

In his early works Marco is already painting his version of the empowered feminine soul, pictured as a strong and independent individual. She doesn't need a man, and wears a superman shirt. 

Mid 2000's - Personalized Glamour

His next work, continues to define and elevate his unique talent.

His audience is taken on visual journey through a woman's intimate story.

 A vibrant, glamorous atmosphere takes center-stage. 

late 2000's - The Pink era

The 'Kissing the Pink' series marks another milestone in Marco's career. The theme remains the same: the independent women who celebrates the strength of her sensuality... More than sensuality, it's exclusive charm that we see in his paintings... Or maybe it's... LOVE. The mystery, the 'you decide' element begins to appear.

"In my long journey I have been lucky enough to meet people like Marco, who commit themselves to their art with so much passion and singularity and manage to convey the depth and pain of love" - Francesco Facchinetti.

From then, Marco will keep building his Art world in a pink universe.

Aluminum boards and traditional Italian Canvas.

By the late 2000's, Marco started using the square format and the aluminum boards that we see today, famously presented with-in the "Di-Gold experience" series. In conjunction with this format, he started work on traditional Italian canvas, presented in a more traditional format that we also find today, in the 'Super Gold' series.

Struck GOLD, then Silver and Pink

Marco was inspired by the use of Gold leaf during a journey to Russia (Read more). In 2013, Marco showed his Golden background paintings for the first time in an exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. The success was immense.

The Series 'Di-Gold' and 'Di-Silver" and Di-Pink Experience' are the climax of a two decades progression for Marco Grassi... Until his next revolution...

'Super Gold' Series


Marco Grassi

Gold leaf,  Oils on Metal

62x61 inches 

Marco Grassi

Gold leaf,  Oils on Metal

82x61 inches 


Marco Grassi

Silver leaf,  Oils on Metal

62x61 inches 



Marco Grassi

Pink leaf,  Oils on Metal

62x61 inches