The secret ingredient to "oh james" 26x40 - Photo presentation


Reisig and Taylor - “Oh James”

After stunning Aspen with their 3D Lenticular’s in winter 2018/2019 we Selected from Reisig and Taylor’s latest 2019 Collection this fresh, colorful statement of American energy, a celebration of object and space.

By splicing together, interweaving, and overlaying various photographs, images, and designs, the pieces collected in this series unleash a radical artistic potentiality

“oh James” is an Orchestra of objects that mark out a undeniable sense of a 3D environment. So much to discover, the work gives a highly unique experience particularly in person



  Oh James, 2018 [Pop (3D) Lenticular]

Lenticular Assemblage

Between the serendipitous chaos of a poolside scene in the Desert and the resplendent display of modern architecture in Palm Springs, Oh James captures, and even (re-)enacts, the dynamic stillness of the filmic world through the material movement of the (3D) assemblage. Mixed media and mixed perspectives are spliced-together in the work, ultimately coalescing in the multiplied photographic reality that evolves along the corrugated rivulets of the lenticular. Bodies are simultaneously near and far, precise and blurry; visions of the work are shuttered and revealed with the gesture of the camera’s aperture. 

This stunning work offers so many lush elements

  • shadows and light,

  • private and public

  • danger and safety,

  • atmosphere ,

  • movement and stillness,

  • water and air

  • open and closed

  • enclosed and released

“Oh, James” 26x40

“Oh, James” 26x40