ISABELLA GARAFFA.....First ever show...Come Celebrate this Friday


Your invited!

Local Sensation - ISABELLA GARAFFA’s first ever show is open and we are celebrating.

We have seen hundreds of Artists over the years who paint Aspen…But nothing quite like her.

Self-taught and Local, her God-given talent to capture our surroundings by embellishing that moment we have all had in Aspen/Snowmass….

“this is more beautiful than i every imagine was possible” has to been seen to be believed

Your Invited to her Launch of her collection this Friday the 23rd of August

Everyone of Isabella’s Artwork has a short story/poetry of origins. Places and moments that grabbed the Artist Below is an example.

Isabelle will be on Aspen 82 - the lift on Friday Morning sharing some work - Look out for her there

Then….Event is from 5:30 to 7:30 this Friday the 23rd of August.


- Live Painting

- Launching of each Artwork and its origins from 6.00pm (Tom Blake trail, Capital Creek, Snowmass Creek Trail, American Lake and Independence Pass

- Live conversation and Q & A Starts @ 6:30pm

- Music, refreshments and much more

See you there

Below is a sneak peak of the 15 plus artworks

*For the last 50 years ACES - Aspen Center for Environmental Studies has been sustaining, protecting, regenerating our surroundings and educating us about it. We at the Aspen Art Gallery can think of no better way to Give Back than celebrating all these years of tireless work by donating 10% of ISABELLA Gallery proceeds this weekend to ACES.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.00.07 PM.png
g 1.jpg

“White, Glimmer and Green” 36x48

"This was another glorious afternoon riding my bike on Tom Blake Trail. This scene right here caught my eyes and i had to, had to paint it.I must have gotten off of my bike probably ten times that day, everything was so beautiful, the wildflowers combined with the afternoon light of the sun and the Aspen trees were just perfect."

Isabella Garaffa