MICHEL MIRABAL's Connection To The U.S.


Our Cuban artist, MICHEL MIRABAL, frequently visits the United States - thus establishing a deep connection/understanding between him and American culture. His work and message is internationally applauded for it's ability to express both the beautiful and harsh sides of our global reality… And his message of acceptance and resilience resonates all over the world..

Most recently, MICHEL was in the U.S. for his Grammy nominated album cover as well as a get together with his Roc Nation brothers. When he came to Aspen, he immediately captured the spotlight. MICHEL MIRABAL truly is an artist in full flight.

In honor of his deep connection to America - today we are focusing on his work - Proud II 48x36. His last singular, traditional, smaller scale depictions of our flag, created right here in Aspen. Please enjoy this stunning photo presentation of the work.

Mirabal “Proud II” 48x36.jpg