TODD GRAY - Pure Fun - A Tribute to Lichtenstein


Our newest artist, TODD GRAY, is clearly inspired by some of the most iconic pop artists of all time - One particular is Roy Lichtenstein.

Born during the year 1923 in NYC - Lichtenstein became best known for his DC comic book inspired works and his “slyly subversive way of building a signature body of work from mass-reproduced images.“ - Lichtenstein’s use of bright colors and clean lines made his work pop - just like TODD GRAY’s.

Today we examine the connection between TODD’s “SASSOO” and Lichetenstein’s “Sweet Dreams Baby! Pow!”.

TODD’s unique choice of medium adds several dimensions to the viewing experience that makes SASSOO a completely different piece from every angle.

TODD’s work is Aspen, Warhol, sculpture and painting all in one..

He completely transformed the World Trade Center with his massive mural..

SASSOO 25 X 12 X 10

SASSOO 25 X 12 X 10