Christopher Owen Nelson's Rebirth, his COMPASS


Out of the thousands of artists we’ve seen, CHRISTOPHER OWEN NELSON is one of the most innovative. He invites us to notice and appreciate nature like no other… He’s the winner of the Cambridge Art Prize, he’s a master of sculpture and he’s been featured in LandEscape Magazine…

”Sanding and polishing are some of my favorite things to do. During this time of intense mental focus, my heart wanders and searches… It finds years of storms that have torn limbs from the body that almost snapped under pressure, and years when the rain was gentle and nourishing. It finds the longest drought and watches it’s last earthly act of falling, returning to the dust of the earth from which it sprouted. My heart looks down to see the final ring that was formed, marking the last of this earthly body, and decides that it doesn’t have to end here.” - Christopher Owen Nelson

This week, we take a quick dive into one of the many pieces of his available collection.. “Compass” 52x48”.

“To rebirth. To give new life and new meaning to something that can teach us about ourselves, this is the mission of my heart in my work” - Christopher Owen Nelson

“Compass” 52x48’

“Compass” 52x48’

“We are all giant, majestic forces moving through this earth, each with our own map of rings formed by all of our experience...happiness, trauma, joy, sadness, loss and LOVE.“ - Christopher Owen Nelson

Just like how a compass provides us direction when we are traveling… tree rings provide scientists direction for understanding the life of the tree… including its age, what the weather was like during each year of its life and more..

As promised, this masterwork has ushered in his new era..