TYLER SEAN - "Palatable Conscience" Opens Tomorrow


On February 14th (Valentines Day) , TYLER SEAN will be taking over Aspen yet again...except this time, he’s bringing over 25 brand new pieces - making this the biggest show we have ever done. (scroll below to see much more)

This young pop art prodigy continues to blow the world away with his very own innovative technique and his boundless creativity. He’s the winner of the Art Basel Miami 2017 Best Rising Artist Prize. his work is exclusively available @ the Aspen Art Gallery..

UPDATE…look out for Tyler in the Aspen Times Tomorrow and on “The Lift” on Aspen 82 TV live around 8;30am Saturday the 16th of Febuary

A. Art Gallery Valentines 3x7.jpg

Artistic Statement

Palatable Conscience

Art is almost always mis- or over-interpreted. And it’s almost always presented in its most elegant, palatable form. There’s a formula to sincere expression. Would your favorite song still be your favorite song if it didn’t sound good? It’s often a more visceral response, and we do our best afterwards to label it; to put it in its place.

Meaning is subjective, importance is fickle. You really think there’s hidden symbols in Rothko’s smudges? Or profound anecdotes in Basquiat’s doodles?

There is a rigidity to beautiful expression. An artist finds their style and then they stick with it, right? But then that’s not art, that’s production. There is no rigidity to sincerity. A constant balance between what is beautiful and what is sincere is at play with my work, and myself. Palatable, yet conscious. Original, yet timeless. I won’t feed you lies, and I won’t make anything I don’t want to. Art has helped save my life, and no painting I make will ever compare to that. So please enjoy my first comprehensive showing; this is only the beginning.

Tyler Sean

*this is not digital, these are paintings...hand done and a innovated process