A Family of Artists - The VILONA's


Feeding your passion with other similar-minded people can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Since every one of us is uniquely different, we are each able to bring a wide variety of experience, skills and perspectives toward a collective goal or interest...and the rewards of doing so are endless.

While many of us have friendships grounded in this type of like-minded relationship, some of us are fortunate enough to have the same passion sharing with our family.

This is one of the many things that makes VILONA Studios so special and incredibly successful. Four of the six family members share a deep passion for art - and each of them brings their own twist to the table that inspires each other.

Let’s meet the Vilona family of artists!

First is Cheri - the mother. Cheri is an accomplished abstract artist who works in the medium of oil on canvas. Her work is inspired by the natural landscapes of the United States and her memorable car-rides while moving from New York to California, Oregon, Florida and finally Colorado. Some of Cheri’s art is shown below. See her full available collection here.

Second is James, the father. James is renowned for his incredible steel work as well as his one-of-a-kind furniture. Jim has explained to us that he was named one of the top 12 living artists in the United States by HBO and his work can be seen in businesses and homes all around the globe. Jim’s functional fine art beautifully captures nature and the geologic process of time. A few of James’s works are displayed below. See his full available collection here.

Next is Amelia. Amelia owns her own photography business that does everything from commercial shoots, weddings, family photos and portraits. She is the main photographer for Vilona Studios, adding digital art to the mix. You can see Amelia’s work on her website here.  

Last but far from least is Dylan. Dylan, the head carpenter at Vilona Studios, works primarily with wood and crystals to create both abstract and functional works. He is inspired by nature’s beauty and sees his art as a way to transfer his energy to others. While Dylan has his own unique style, it seems that some of his inspiration may be coming from his mother and father.