Unstoppable - Mark Yale Harris...2018 Review


Our sculptor, MARK YALE HARRIS, has recently been featured in not one...not two...but several magazines globally! At 80 years young, it seems nothing is slowing him down!

From an extremely successful businessman... to a world-renowned sculptor...MARK YALE HARRIS continues to amaze the world with his incredible gift.

In November, MARK was published in the Landescape Art Review and was featured in AJI Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur and Inside Sante Fe…. And this isn’t his first time appearing in magazines either..

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Fine Art Connoisseur

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AJI Magazine

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Inside Sante Fe

MARK YALE HARRIS 2018 Full Breakdown

Mr. Harris has been featured throughout the global arts press. We are pleased to present a thirty-page feature article in LandEscape Art Review, London (see below). We feel this article aptly describes Mr. Harris’s depth and direction. Selections from 2018 global press include:

Aji Magazine, Featured Artist: Mark Yale Harris – November 2018

Magazine 43, Featured Artist, Manila, Philippines; Hong Kong, China; Leipzig Germany – Fall

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, feature – Fall 2018

SculptureNews, National Sculpture Society, NY, NY, – June 4th, 2018

Borrowed Solace, Fall Edition – September 2018

A5 Zine! Portfolio Magazine, Featured Artist: Mark Yale Harris – July 2018

Art Daily News, “Sculptor Mark Yale Harris celebrates his 80th year with solo-exhibitions across the country”- September 2018

Artists On Art Magazine, “Mark Yale Harris: Embrace These Qualities to Be Successful in Art” by Cherie Dawn Haas - June 2018

Average Art, Featured Artist: Mark Yale Harris – July 2018

APERO Fine Art Catalogue, "Pose" Featured Artist: Mark Yale Harris – June 2018

Holland America Line, “Holland America Line Introduces the World’s Largest Emerging Art Gallery by ArtLink” - April 2018

Austin American Statesman, “SculpFest coming to Round Rock April 27th” by Ariana Garcia – April 2018