Would you like to meet TYLER SEAN? He is coming to Aspen in late June...


The “Best Rising Artist” of Art Basel Miami 2017 is coming to Aspen in Late June! 

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Tyler Sean, our latest edition to the Gallery, will be in Aspen, to celebrate his premiere show a collection of ‘pretty’ things…… at the Aspen Art Gallery.

Latest developments

- Tyler is here to share his show running until the 1st of July. You can meet him in person in the gallery...more details coming.

- Tyler will be featured at Shinning Star's Major Summer event. https://www.shiningstarsfoundation.org/Day-of-rose

- Tyler has already secured several media engagements in Aspen so stay tuned.

- Five brand New Artworks are also in Transit in time for his visit.

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"it's either play by the rules or go live out in the woods. Yet to know there's always a place in the woods is really all u need to know.” Tyler Sean

From his parents’ garage to his place in the woods, the summit of Aspen.

Tyler beat out the thousands of Artist submissions the Gallery received in 2017…Self taught and with a hugely bright future, we look forward to cementing a longstanding relationship with Tyler this summer.

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Tyler Sean is a 23 years old from South Florida with his finger on the pulse of the new millennials coupled with the wisdom of the ages. He has recently been described at a extension of Warhol. 

"It's really cool to receive such praise, but I think labels can hold you back- put you in a box. My whole life's been about embracing uncertainty, so I think it's only fair to approach my art the same way.” Tyler Sean

His creations, full of Irony and serving a deep meaningful purpose, is impressive aesthetically, technically and conceptually.


Tyler's calendar is filling up, fast…stay tuned as we will share exactly what one of most exciting emerging Artists in the Country will be getting up to in Aspen

Tyler receives his Award at Art Basel - Spectrum 2017 - Video interview with Tyler

Rising Star arrives at the Summit... Introducing Artist TYLER SEAN

Tyler Sean - Inventor of his very own technique