Celebrating TEXAS - Longhorn sculpture - MARK YALE HARRIS


Mark Yale Harris, the alchemist, celebrates the "lone star state" with his 'Longhorn' creations!

The Longhorn goes to the the very heart of the origin of what makes Texas, Texas. The animal was a key contributor to its early development. Epitomized by the Longhorn being the the Mascot for every sporting Team at University of Texas, in Austin....GO THE LONGHORNS


The Aspen Art Gallery is proud to display 'Lil' Longhorn' (5x12x5), to honor our dear collectors and visitors from the great state of Texas!

'Lil Longhorn' 5x12x5

And as Mark knows how much Texans enjoy to live LARGE, 'Longhorn' sculptures can be created in 'Monument' size... 

Mark Yale Harris Aspen Art Gallery