Tyler Sean - Inventor of his very own technique


Tyler Sean has more than talent... He's got genius. At 23 years-old, he's already won the Best Rising Artist Prize in Spectrum/Art Basel Miami 2017.

Twiggy 49.5 x 35.5

His Artwork is powerful and unique. It's made of mix of collage and painting that you have never seen before... For a good reason... He invented this process himself! The overlay of different materials contrast with the perfectly flat and shinny finish. The main ingredients are fabric, aerosol collage, and a hand drawn multilayer stencil.

Moved by a strong will to deliver his message, he found the way to do it by inventing his own technique, his own language...

Shall I keep this textured style
Say whatever comes to mind with a vague sense of purpose
An understanding that it will be misinterpreted by those who are experts at interpreting"


Tyler Sean Aspen Art Gallery

"Neither happy nor sad, still applicable. Not sure what to do with my hands"


Modern Artist (pop) 48x36

Modern Artist (pop) 48x36