Judith Dunbar - The Candy Tree Collection


'Candy Trees'

The Candy Trees are part of a series by Judith Dunbar   a theme that has become a life-long pursuit “Mainly, because I love how people connect to it…there is nothing better than to have people connect with and enjoy your work. People collect artwork for a number of reasons, but they often collect mine because it brings to their life some joy and whimsy" - JUDITH DUNBAR

#478 Tripdych 50x72

The Trees of Happiness

Indeed, many of Judith’s works can be described precisely as such: joyful, colorful and whimsical. Her simplified forms and bold, saturated colors speak to an aesthetic concerned with an immediately cheerful ambiance, with undertones of deep symbolism and structure.

Judith visits the subject of trees because "in many ways, they display life; they are stable, eternal, and symbolic.” The symbolism of trees, while of particular importance throughout many centuries and culture in the history of art, for Judith, speak to her lifelong career as a nurse. She explains, “they have a protective quality to them- and when you’re a nurse, you are a protector. In this way, I identify with this protective, healing force.” - JUDITH DUNBAR

#467 Triptych 60x90

Joy and structure

The symbolism of life and healing of the trees becomes playfully married with her textured leaves. These leaves recall one’s favorite confectionary treats of childhood, creating a visual allure that becomes a delicious experience for the senses. The large scale of her paintings add to this feeling of structure, protection and monumentality. Often composed of multiple canvases several feet high and wide, her Candy Trees surround the viewer in a richly colorful, textural and jewel-like world, transporting them into a place of contentment, reflection and simplicity.

#466 48x36

#326 38x40

#326 38x40