'OWL' (48x48)- A Closer Look at Brian Porter's Artwork.


Nature is an infinite source of Artistic inspiration... There are thousands of ways to re-create the absolute majesty of our most cherished Wildlife: What makes Brian Porter's Artwork so special?


The colors used for the Owl's feathers recall the ones you can see in the darkness of the night driving the empty streets of a city... It transports the viewer into the Owls nocturnal universe. 

Brin porter Aspen Art Gallery

3D aspect

Brian uses thick acrylic paint to give a unique 3D impression to his painting and bring his subject to life.

Brian Porter Aspen Art Gallery


No one paints eyes like Brian Porter... The deepness of those eyes absorbs the attention of the viewer.... They offer a journey into the lone soul of this wild animal! 

Brian Porter Aspen Art Gallery


Signature - Graffiti inspiration

Brian was a Graffiti Artist before he started being sold in Galleries (Read More). Some of his street Art heritage lives in his work and signature!

Brian Porter Aspen Art Gallery