Randy Cooper's 'Evolution' with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County!


Randy Cooper's shadow sculptures are famous for their simple charm that with some time and attention turn into a lifetime of possibility for any art collector. Just add light! Below is one of his most astounding projects that used his mesh in a unique way. 

The Natural history Museum of Los Angeles county commissioned the world famous Randy Cooper to create a simulated "skin" of wire mesh. The mesh re-created the flesh of three fossilized, extinct sea mammals so that viewers can experience what the mammal might look like 15 million years ago. They were a sea cow, a baby sperm whale, and a relative of the present-day sea lion. 

If you want to know more about Randy Cooper's immense talent and career, don't miss the opportunity to meet him on the 1st and 2nd of September! He is will be creating live in the Gallery...