SUSAN MAKARA - New pieces from the 2017 Summer Collection!


Two brand new pieces from our "Rock Lady" Susan Makara, have just arrived to the Aspen Art Gallery! It's an exciting time for her admirers and collectors.

They are part of the "Aspen Streams" series, that represents gorgeous scenes of nature on "Scratchboards". They are all on the 48x11 inches format. 

Their reflection of light is unique, and with varying light, we are taken to nature.

You don't have to believe us right away... Just check it out yourself and watch this video:


What is a scratchboard?

Scratchboard, or scraper board as it is called in Europe, consists of three layers: a paper or hardboard support covered with a layer of white clay or chalk, which is topped with a fine coat of india ink. The artist uses a sharp tool to scrap through the black top layer to reveal the white layer below. An accumulation of meticulously placed scratches will form an image. The boards can be left in their original striking black and white, or colored with watercolor, ink, or acrylic paint.


Aspen Streams #2 and #3

Those two brand new pieces represent two scenes of precious untouched nature. They are inspired by the most popular trail in Aspen, the Hunter Creek Trail.

Their dynamism and their harmony are truly outstanding and they get a lot of attention here at the Aspen Art Gallery! When enjoyed in any form of light, the reflective quality is so powerful that it seems like the Artwork itself is the source.

The  Aspen morning sun is rising on the Artwork and the pristine waters of the peaceful Hunter creek, right in front of your eyes.


Susan Makara Aspen Streams #3

Susan Makara Aspen Streams #3

Susan Makara Aspen Streams #2

Susan Makara Aspen Streams #2

Come admire those pieces at the Aspen Art Gallery!