Decades in the making,.

 ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstarpays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her recent expressions of Aspen’s Winter have all almost sold out.  Let the Spring  and  Summer expressions  begin.


Creates the sensation of temperature, season, light and shadow like no one

writes beautifully about her process and completed works..takes us behind the Piece

After painting non-stop all last summer she recently completed her brand new studio space

Shares her intricate details of her process, displaying unsurmountable patience


"There's a riddle in the wilderness, hiding under the ground and in the air. A riddle of life, that only the soul is connected can find. The riddle of beauty. Because Beauty is simplicity. but the more I see ... I come to understand is the other way around. Simplicity, is beauty. There no pride needed to be shown. No pretentiousness needed to impress. Nothing. Not one wall needed to be built. But Simple, there it is. So simple that no designer can fashion the delicate appearance of its beauty.


Not even a painter, may I say way just like me, can in one canvas paint all of its majesty. Riddle, May I riddle you? Not even you, the tree, can change who you are in the ground you have been given. Who gave the Heart a bitting? Simple is the answer many just don't want to find. Who is behind the tree? Don't miss the forest for the trees. Because the forest, will tell you of all the splendor that they are. Simple, they are. Standing tall in the ground. Beautiful. They just are" ISABELLA GARAFFA

"The Light That Hides" 60x36