Introducing to you our Colorado Revelation, Topher Straus.


The greatest Artforms, are elegant, efficient and reach us all in the most specific ways. This aesthetic cannot be expressed so succinctly in any other form

not poetry,

not conversation,

not music.

but illuminates something that connects us all.

Only Topher can express the inexpressible.moments that happen to all of us here in the Mountains, when nature grabs us by the skull and suggests she is like no other. Topher's process distills down everything we love about Aspen into one quintessential, timeless expression.


Aspen Lights available in 30x60

Aspen Lights available in 36x72

"Aspen Lights" by Topher Straus


"Aspen is one of my favorite Colorado Mountain towns and it was important for me to capture its balance or breathtaking nature and kinetic energy. I have many dear friends in this sacred community that make the nature even more special".