ISABELLE DUPUY understands the majesty of trees like no other. She has brought such warmth and hope to 2022. Rejuvenating and replenishing us, through her Artwork. 

- Depicting some of our most recognizable local icons. 


- small scale classic French flower arrangements


- Stunning tribute to Monets most famous lilies


A french Classic, like her breathtaking Lilies the RED MAPLE explores the connectivity of humans and nature and their contribution to each other's environment. Humans have been shaping the very nature of french territory for thousands of years... They've been doing it for long enough that a harmonious and shared habitat has been established, visible in the landscapes.

Without trying to replicate landscapes, she is inspired by nature and lays on the canvas her very personal vision of it, balancing the elements of fantasy and abstraction with her extraordinary connection to place. Turning it into our special place as well, your special place.

The 3 dimensional aspect of her work allows her to play uniquely with light and shadows, expressing some of the most beautiful contrasts to be found in nature. Offering aspects that can only be experience in-person, just like nature itself.

 Bright Maple of Colorful Autumn, 2022, 36x48

Oak Tree of Bright Reflection, 2022, 36x48

Bright Tree of the Poppy Field, 2022, 60 x 36 in

Colorful Autumn of Beauty, 2022, 40 x 20