"The Gold Experience 120/119".

We are very Proud to be the First Gallery in the America’s to represent Marco Grassi, originally from Milan, Italy and to share with you this Masterwork by MARCO, the the very last officially available for summer 2023.


by Far Our Number 1. Artist in the history of the Aspen Art Gallery, Marco’s ambiguity can be compared to the greats.


This season we still have a phenomenal collection of Large Scale work to offer you but this is our very last 49x49





In the summer of 2021 we saw the emergence of the Di-silver experience,  more reflective, these works need to be experienced in person the be believed, and even better in there natural setting…your home...and this summer we have the very first Pink Experience

This upcoming season we are offering, for the first time in many years, smaller scale works. 

Below is your in-depth presentation..ENJOY

Marco Grassi’s works, like your favorite song, you get to make it yours and all about you….His Raw Energy is unquestionably unique. The viewer has every single color of emotion at their fingertips, like having several Artworks in one.

See his Progression over the years

and the origins of his most established collection “The Gold Experience” Since 2013