Aspen Art Gallery's owner, Damian Guillot, is about to inject more global zest into the Aspen art scene. Embarking on a six-week European extravaganza, his itinerary includes meetups with leading artists and talent scouting across cultural hotspots.

Firstly, he's off to Istanbul, where he'll rendezvous with Alea Pinar Du Pre. This artist’s creative potpourri promises to continue enhancing our exhibit collection.

Following Turkey, a venture into picturesque Lake Como, Italy beckons. Here, he's scheduled to meet Marco Grassi, whose intricate artistic genius defies convention. We eagerly anticipate additional pieces from this Italian master's work displayed in our gallery.

Next, Guillot plans to immerse himself in the intrinsic artistry of Paris. Engaging in a creative think-tank with Patrick Rubinstein, we're honored to house the best of this visionary's ground-breaking pieces.

Furthermore, Guillot's tour de force includes Ibiza, Mallorca, and Cappadocia. His keen eye for emerging talent guarantees promising prospects for our art family.

Guillot's commitment assures aspiring artists – Aspen Art Gallery isn’t just about housing art; it's about fostering a global art community. From Parisian streets to Turkish ateliers, this expedition is a step closer to that dream. Stay tuned for updates!