"Fall is my favorite season. I relish the time of harvest which allows me the abundant fresh ingredients for the cooking and baking adventures that fuel my amateur but creative culinary skills. Fall is my time for reflection and perspective. A kind of reckoning with the months gone by, a way to show gratitude for family and friends at Thanksgiving and embracing my love of Christmas with reverent acknowledgment that God has provided us with the greatest gift of all time."


"I sat outside today enjoying the crisp autumn air and warm sunshine while sipping hot tea. I have a pumpkin pie baking in the oven and the aroma of pumpkin spices sneaks by me every so often. I am looking forward to arranging some new winter flowers in my favorite old planters. Maybe yellow or purple this year or perhaps even my favorite color of blue. Strong colors for sure. Most people can tell by my paintings that I enjoy strong colors. As I lament my flower colors, I hear a loud plop in water nearby. It has been an abundant year for acorns. They have been blissfully dropping everywhere with even the slightest breeze as have neighboring pinecones. Mother nature is planting her seeds of hope for a renewed future. It is time for us all to slow down, enjoy the abundance around us and observe her lessons."




What better way to celebrate the vibrant color in Aspen and the coming Fall colors but than with JUDITH DUNBAR’s stunning brand New Floral expressions....thinker, bolder than anything we have every seen


Find out how it all started for the Dunbars

Her wildflowers have had a wonderfully this summer


but the falling leaves of her Candy Trees are the picture perfect for this moment…

Enjoy your full presentation Below

Golden Girls



Acrylic On Canvas

Size: 48x48