Isabella has done it again, This homage to Snowmass and it's endless trails offers the veiwer every possible color of our fall scape in all of its glamour...."The Rim Trail; " captures the ultimate feelings of our Aspen Fall .If you Enjoy this work Click Here to enjoy the rest of her Fall Collection 2023 while they are still availble.


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Isabella Garaffa was born in Asuncion, Paraguay,   She now lives and creates her artwork in Snowmass Village, where she has been residing for the last many years.  Her most treasured childhood memories are directly connected to her strong passion for the wilderness, which is translated throughout her artwork in very intense detail. Seeing Aspen trees for the first time at the age of twenty two, gave her a fresh approach to recreate them in her studio in later years.

Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her  expressions of Aspen’s Winter are highly sort after. Check out the latest offerings HERE

Brand New Release Today....

"North Rim Trail; The Colors of Autumn" acrylics in canvas, 60x48 in. 

"I was lucky enough to have picked this perfect day to go for a run on my favorite trail, and see #snowmassvillage transformed by the colors of Autumn. Some greens were still there, and as they turned into lime tones other colors were rapidly changing to yellows. And as the yellows were turning into reds other colors where going from pale to vivid.
It was as if I was watching the whole process of fall time come together in one place. In this view, I witnessed God's creation being transformed one again, into magnificence. There was nothing to take or add, absolutely everything that represents the beauty of this time of the year, was present in this place. So I took hundreds of photographs, and I locked myself in my studio until this piece was finished."


"North Rim Trail; The Colors of Autumn" 48x60