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Dominic, Previously did this massive homage to Da Vinci's "the Last Supper" which took Art Basel by storm....

In "the re-birth of Creation," a young and impassioned artist at the age of 25, set out on a journey to bridge the gap between the timeless elegance of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" and a contemporary artistic expression that resonates with our rapidly evolving world. This piece is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, a dialogue between the past and the present, a celebration of human connection, and a commentary on our ever-evolving relationship with technology.


I incorporated a bunch of uniqueness to make it my own instead of just a copy of the original.  Using energetic brush strokes, spontaneous color, dotting. Using different techniques letting some of the under painting show for looseness in the painting and also using a rich contrast of red and green.


The iconic hands of God and Adam are reimagined through a contemporary lens. Here, the hands are not reaching toward one another in the traditional sense but rather reaching out to touch the ethereal surface of a digital tablet, replete with the vibrant glow of our modern screens. In this updated version, exploring how our human connection and search for enlightenment have evolved in an age dominated by technology and virtual interaction.

The colors in the background are a juxtaposition of traditional and modern. The heavenly background, reminiscent of Michelangelo's original, is infused with futuristic elements: neon gradients and colorful distortions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of our current existence. The human form is reinterpreted with a hint of abstraction, allowing us to see ourselves not only as physical beings but as beings intertwined with technology.

"The Rebirth of Connection" speaks to the paradox of our age. We are more connected than ever, yet the nature of our connections has transformed. The digital age has brought us closer and, at times, farther from one another. It challenges us to balance our physical and virtual lives, to navigate the fine line between human connection and digital interaction.

"The Creation of Adam" 42x86 by DOMINIC MATTIOLI

DOMINIC stands on the cusp of a new era, straddling the past and the future, and this piece reflects that transitional perspective. In the end, "The Rebirth of Connection" is not just a juxtaposition of Michelangelo's timeless masterpiece and contemporary art. It is an exploration of our own dual existence, where the divine touch of creation is no longer just a physical act but one mediated by the digital, inviting us to contemplate the essence of connection in a brave new world.