MARISA is Part of Alea's innovation Optical Collection and was displayed at her Recent Solo Show @ the Aspen Art Gallery - Parallel Dimensions


From the Latest Technology on the planet to 100's hours of hand crafted work.


Below is a fabulous TV interview and Feature Article on ALEA and her work.



Co-operation with AI

- Lives on Tara in the 9th Dimension

- Earning her Living through Music, Sings ARIA's

"Optical art, also known as Op Art, is a style of art that uses geometric shapes, lines, and color to create optical illusions that can create a sense of movement or depth. Figurative painting, my strong-hold, on the other hand, refers to - well - figures :-)


A few months ago, I started playing around and incorporate Op Art elements such as bold lines and geometric patterns into my figurative works. By doing so, my portraiture gained a dynamic visual effect that draws the viewer's eye and adds depth and a sense of ambiguity and playfulness."



Alea Pinar Du Pre is an internationally established mid-career artist currently living and working in both Amsterdam and Istanbul.


 As an Austrian/Turkish Painter born in 1972 in Vienna Alea Pinar Du Pre has been influenced deeply by the artists of Künstlerhaus and Wiener Werkstaette. As a highly talented autodidact she started painting early on. With the age of six she had produced about 500 drawn paper dolls. With age 13 she painted her first oil colour figures and invented an oil colour printing technique. Between 1995 – 2005 she produced a series of cubistic oil paintings picturing street scenes of Istanbul. Her inquisitive mind finds inspiration mainly in areas such as science, science-fiction, history and anthropology. Du Pre has been continuously developing radically new and innovative approaches to painting in which she mixes digital art with ‘the real world’

"My endless questioning of the nature of our existence stems from an insatiable curiosity and an unfathomable love for truth. I believe in the sacredness of human experience. Art is a canvas to mutate my curiosity into a form I can share – to transfer scientific curiosity into pictures - to give form to the formless.”

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- Since her Aspen Art Gallery Launch in 2021


- Visitors to Aspen this winter will love our “Snow Bunny Series"


- Our very own Aspen Bunny “Aspenita"


- Her Highly sought "After the Masters" Series


- Works released this Summer “Optical” Collection.


Alea Pinar Du Pre
Original Acrylic

61 x 54 in