ISABELLE DUPUY rang many years ago, in excitement as she had decided to attempt painting Aspen Trees in her very own style....and wondered if it was a good idea?? i said YES!

Then she said she liked to identify her trees with something unique so that they become entirely HERs...She wanted to know if some GOLD in the Aspens might be a good idea??

I said YES and Screamed like a school girl.!


Over the years we have seen stunning Aspen Trees by ISABELLE DUPUY with Gold mainly in the Trunks (see below)






The Gallery proud to present...


Her very latest Golden Aspen Collection 


5 Brand new works with GOLD in the Leaves







Isabelle Dupuy
Aspens of the Plateau
40 x 30



Aspen of Autumn promise


Aspen of Colorful Daybreak


Mountains of Colorful Beauty 36x60


Pathway of Golden Aspens Colorful Daybreak