ALEEVE is Part of Alea's innovation Optical Collection and was displayed at her Recent Solo Show @ the Aspen Art Gallery - Parallel Dimensions


From the Latest Technology on the planet to 100's hours of hand crafted work.


Below is a fabulous TV interview and Feature Article on ALEA and her work.

"Optical art, also known as Op Art, is a style of art that uses geometric shapes, lines, and color to create optical illusions that can create a sense of movement or depth. Figurative painting, my strong-hold, on the other hand, refers to - well - figures :-)


A few months ago, I started playing around and incorporate Op Art elements such as bold lines and geometric patterns into my figurative works. By doing so, my portraiture gained a dynamic visual effect that draws the viewer's eye and adds depth and a sense of ambiguity and playfulness."



Aleeve, is the goddess of wisdom, courage, and warfare, shje is a deity who predates the written word, with her stories passed down through oral tradition on the planet Tara. Her legacy lies in her multifaceted nature: a warrior goddess who champions reason, strategic prowess, and the arts."


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- Since her Aspen Art Gallery Launch in 2021


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- Works released this Summer “Optical” Collection.