Parallel Dimensions is BACK

Part of Alea's innovation Optical Collection and has just arrived @ the  Aspen Art Gallery - Parallel Dimensions


From the Latest Technology on the planet Ai to 100's hours of hand crafted work.


Straight from Art Basel 2023 to Aspen

"Optical art, also known as Op Art, is a style of art that uses geometric shapes, lines, and color to create optical illusions that can create a sense of movement or depth. Figurative painting, my strong-hold, on the other hand, refers to - well - figures :-)


A few months ago, I started playing around and incorporate Op Art elements such as bold lines and geometric patterns into my figurative works. By doing so, my portraiture gained a dynamic visual effect that draws the viewer's eye and adds depth and a sense of ambiguity and playfulness."




"Parallel Dimensions No.9" 49x49

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