Step into the enchanting world of Sherri Mignonne's latest masterpiece, "San Isabel Peak," now gracing the walls of the Aspen Art Gallery. Nothing comes close to experiencing this In-person. This captivating piece measures 48x30 and is part of Sherri's esteemed LOOKING UP series, where she skillfully captures the essence of Aspen groves with a unique blend of artistry and emotion.


-  Her smaller scale works in Silver leaf (36x48 and 30x40)  are gathering more attention than anything else in the gallery right now... a wonderful addition during our slower season


-  Her recent Masterwork was acquired within two weeks...unbelievable...Check it out HERE


- and a  stunning continuation of her "STARRY NIGHT" Series 36x48 (Available)



- check out this stunning colorful Seasonal work "Seasons of Estes Park" (Available)

In "San Isabel Peak," Sherri ingeniously deconstructs the intricate details of Aspen trees, capturing not just their physical presence but the very essence of an Aspen grove. Through her unique blend of techniques, she imbues the canvas with a sense of ethereal beauty, seamlessly blending elements of nature with the sophistication of a jewelry store and the precision of geometric statements.

"San Isabel Peak" is a testament to Sherri's unparalleled ability to evoke a sense of serenity and strength, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Her use of metallic colors adds depth and dimension to the piece, transforming it under different lighting conditions and ensuring a dynamic viewing experience.

While words may attempt to convey the magnificence of "San Isabel Peak," nothing compares to experiencing it in person. Its depth, texture, and luminosity simply cannot be fully captured through mere description. Stepping into the Aspen Art Gallery, visitors are transported to a realm of wonder and enchantment, where Sherri's artistry reigns supreme.

With only a handful of these extraordinary works remaining, now is the perfect time to witness Sherri Mignonne's genius firsthand. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of "San Isabel Peak" and add a touch of transcendence to your own collection. Come see it in person soon and discover the true magnificence of Sherri Mignonne's latest.

Sherri Mignonne is globally collected and celebrated for defining the very essence of Aspen. She brings every element Colorado’s nature has to offer and puts it into to one stunning creation. All her Artworks are named after real places in Colorado.  From Major Masterworks like her most recognizable metallic expressions of our Colorado seasons and again with a ton of color and texture. Stay tuned this summer for two massive creations like walking into a magical Aspen Grove.



Coming Soon 

- is her much anticipated 2024 Summer Collection so


 stay tuned

Enjoy our Aspen Art Gallery Signature Artists latest


Sherri Mignonne
"San Isabel Peak", 
48x30 in