TYler Sean

"i channeled all of it into the work and nowhere else" TYLER SEAN



Tyler Sean's 2023 Summer Show


13 Artworks Showcased At the Aspen Art Gallery SHOWROOM - Basalt! 

27 work Available.



Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas and wood.


Tyler explains that his work is not digital, it is handcrafted stenciling, that can up to 30-40 + layers of Spray 

The Aspen Art Gallery Basalt is on Two Rivers Road right next to Jalisco and Bull and Buck.

Check out Tylers first Canvas works at the Aspen Art Gallery. the recent TYLER SEAN Retrospective and his  In-depth page 


His very latest works astound... he has his  finger on the pulse 


Greater refinement of his process, a more simplistic elegance and many more hours to create 



- One Artwork has 144 layers of Spray paint, take a look


- Paying homage to the  Kelly Bag  in his very latest Aesthetic 


- Breathtaking creations, depicting  Alexander Hamilton 



Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas

"Off White Chicago" 

Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas

Most recently Tyler has advanced his Artistic technique to create a more elegant and simplified Aesthetic. It’s clearly elevated his message and brings a fresh maturity to the expressions. “Catching Capitalism” with both hands

Currently available

  • Depictions of the great Alexander Hamilton

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