Jeff has been a professional artist ever since he discovered that professional art was a lot easier than working. A native of rural Indiana, drawing, painting and creating things have always been a large part of his life and his professional career. Graduating from the Columbus College of Art & Design in advertising and illustration, he continues on today with over 40 years of experiences in a broad spectrum of advertising, branding and design. He has expanded his focus to now include a fine art career that incorporates his interests in painting, design and  a love for story telling. He now lives in Dayton, Ohio and in the hearts of children everywhere.


"Trying to push myself, adding some bling here and and there. Would love to see this on a wall like I’ve shown The wonderful thing about art is the exploration, journey and a satisfying finish." JEFFERY STAPLETON

Mosaic-Glue | Oil | Paper | Board 

The post-war era seems old fashioned to us now, but at that time, humanity was experiencing life in ways that adults of the time could not have even conceived of as children. With a new world, came new perspectives, new attitudes, and new lingo. How else to describe the visual expression of the era than to use that lingo?
Lawrence Alloway, a British art critic, did just that when he coined the term POP- art in reference to art that mimicked consumerism and popular culture.



The world had become so super conformist that every house, yard, and even personal appearance looked the same.
Pop Art looks out into the world, but my interpetation reflects the world back at us. Really, I think the correct description would be a blend of Contemporary and Pop art. Something familiar with a different slant. It’s something that can be seen as a cultural framework for a dialogue about identity, family, community, and nationality or sometimes a specific commentary on life in the 21st century.

Elizabeth Magie Phillips is credited with inventing the game possibly as early as 1902. She called it “The Landlords Game.” According to author Mary Pilon, Phillips created the game with two sets of rules: “An anti-monopolist set in which all were rewarded when wealth was created, and a monopolist set in which the goal was to create monopolies and crush opponents. Her dualistic approach was a teaching tool meant to demonstrate that the first set of rules was morally superior.” So this is a photograph of my personal Monopoly game board, photoshopped out the center fold and throughly enjoyed the designing of this composition, fun city pictures intermixed with period and pop culture images along the way. In some ways, reflecting the building of today’s culture, the good and the bad. Play nicely kids.

The hapless subjects of Jeffrey Stapleton’s indelible collage paintings are recurrently tested by everyday circumstances, weathering what the artist has described as “low-stakes trauma.” In these precisely designed and choreographed compositions, find themselves embroiled in tragicomic narratives with an ironic twinge, offering a multi-layered insight into the capacity of pop culture and social convention to manufacture and distort rituals, expectations, and signifiers of life in today’s overwhelming digital age. Jeffrey remains sensitive to our human idiosyncrasies and contradictions, picturing characters who are endearing, mysterious, and wholly themselves against situations, events or iconic images. In his compositions, everyday images adopt an uncanny, portentous and sometimes humorous air.

Jeffrey was born in Indiana, in 1960. After earning a BFA in Advertising at the Columbus College of Art & Design,
he resides in Dayton, Ohio, where his career moved him through experiences in advertising, graphic design and illustration. Eventually owning a small design firm for nearly 30 years. His mosaic style is a collage combination
of digital, paper, glue and oil sticks. 

Jeff A Stapleton
Born 1960, Tipton, IN
Lives and works in Dayton OH


1982 BFA, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH


2023 Meadowlark, Centerville, OH
2023 The Betty Gallery, Front Street, Dayton, OH 2018 Table 33, Dayton, OH
2018 Raquet Club, Dayton, OH
2018 Meadowlark, Centerville, OH
2017 Zero Gravity, Centerville, OH


2023 Art Farm Productions, Prestige 100 Pukalani, HI
2022 Art Comes Alive, Figurative Artist of the Year, Cincinnati, OH 2022 Into the Wilderness, Dayton, OH
2021 Art Comes Alive, Figurative Artist of the Year, Cincinnati, OH 2020 Art Comes Alive, Figurative Artist of the Year, Cincinnati, OH 2019 Art Comes Alive, Figurative Artist of the Year, Cincinnati, OH 2019 Front Street Artery Exhibition, Dayton, OH
2018 DVAC Members Exhibition, Dayton, OH
2018 Color of Energy Gallery, Dayton, OH
2017 DVAC Members Exhibition, Dayton, OH


2022 Wilderness Agency, Dayton, OH
2021 Brubaker Family, Chillicothe, OH
2021 Brisendine Family, Paris, FR
2021 Rush Family, Columbus, OH
2020 Denison Family, Columbus, OH
2020 Dubai World Trade Center, UAE
2020 Edward James Investments, Franklin, OH 2020 Klosterman Family, Columbus, OH
2018 Patel Family, Naples, FL
2017 Garhardt Family, Kokomo, IN